Artist Profile – Coles Whalen

Coles Whalen

Artist: Coles Whalen
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Music Genre: Country
Currently: Touring the U.S.
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After fronting her LA-based rock band for two and a half years, Coles Whalen knew it was time to jump start a solo career. She released an EP, bought a truck and camper, and never looked back. In the next 12 months, she played over 150 venues across 10 states in the western U.S. Her voice has more than enough power to carry a rock anthem, but she prefers to use that power to sustain her gentler, more pensive moments. Her pitch and articulation—vocal and instrumental—are flawless,” wrote Malcolm McCollum of Steppin’ Out Magazine, a local Denver newspaper. Coles Whalen sold well over 2,000 copies of her first CD right out of the back of that truck.

If I wasn’t a musician, I’d be: A book editor
Favorite musician: Missy Elliot
What’s on my MP3 player: Doreen by The Jars
Favorite city to tour in: Besides Denver? Seattle and Montreal.
Favorite type of music growing up: Classic rock, Elvis and Michael Jackson
My greatest love: My family
My hero: My mom
What I’m reading: Out of Africa
What I’m watching: Addicted to Heros at the moment, on the laptop, during long hours on the road.
What I drive: Honda Fit
First job: Kid club sitter at local health club
Talent I’d most like to have: Being able to fly. (I should watch a little less Heroes.)
Favorite food: Salad. Seriously, hard to believe but it’s true.
My bucket list: Hike Machu Picchu, be the voice of a Disney character.
My motto: Mientras mas lo hacemos, mejor sera. (It means “The more we do it, the better it will be.”)