Artist Profile – Les July

Les July

Artist: Les July
Hometown: Jamaica, Queens NY
Music Genre: Eclectic Pop for the adventurous spirit
Currently: Writing and recording
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Les July is an extremely unique self-contained recording artist / producer who sings, writes and plays several instruments. His new project, “Dreamland” is a ‘double album on one CD’. It’s a unique combination of great, catchy songs, intelligent, thought provoking lyrics, world class musicianship and great production. All coming from one person who has been known to exibit paranormal tendencies. As a producer, his knowledge of multiple genres of music and his ability to ‘mash them up’, has led to work with artists of many different cultures. Les has recently moved back to NYC where his first gig was opening for Todd Rundgren to a sold out crowd at B.B Kings. With recognition in all genres of contemporary music, Les has managed to escape categorization as an artist, producer and musician.

If I wasn’t a musician, I’d be:  A hostage negotiator for the Special Police Task Force. (seriously)
Favorite musician:  Jaco, Jimi & Miles
What’s on my MP3 player:  Old Motown, Classic Rock, ME!
Favorite city to tour in:  New York City
Favorite type of music growing up:  Old Motown and Classic Rock
My greatest love:  Kate Bush
My hero:  My Mom & Dad
What I’m reading:  Temples of Sound
What I’m watching:  NFL Network, CNN
What I drive:  The women crazy!(lol)
First job:  One scoop or two?
Talent I’d most like to have:  Mental telepathy
Favorite food:  Mexican and Italian…depending on the day.
My bucket list:  Record with Kate Bush, visit the Great Pyramids.
My motto:  “I spend half my time looking for the magic in the world. I spend the other half trying to create it.”
My favorite Greg Bennett guitar model:  Laredo/Rio Grande