Artist Profile – Todd Kerns

Todd Kerns

Artist: Todd Kerns
Hometown: Smallville, Canada
Music Genre: Rock
Currently: Resuming shortly on Slash tour
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Todd Kerns is currently the bass player and backing vocalist for Slash, as well as the lead singer/guitarist of The Sin City Sinners. Todd is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer who has worked with a number of artists and continues to share his knowledge of all things musical with people he believes in.In 2007, production projects brought Todd to Las Vegas where Todd joined Brent Muscat’s FASTER PUSSYCAT which toured Europe for it’s 20th anniversary. Upon returning to Vegas Kerns and Muscat formed what would grow to be Vegas’ most beloved rock band THE SIN CITY SINNERS. The Sinners release Exile On Fremont Street in early 2010 to much local acclaim.In the Spring of 2010, Todd was asked to tour with Guns N Roses legend Slash in support of his solo album as bassist and backing vocalist. Todd accepted the challenge and will be touring into 2011 around the world with the guitar hero.

If I wasn’t a musician, I’d be: A roadie
Favorite musician: Jimi Hendrix
What’s on my MP3 player: Don’t have one
Favorite city to tour in: Los Angeles
Favorite type of music growing up: Classic Rock
My greatest love: Captain and Coke
My hero: Whoever keeps me from working a day job
What I’m reading: this email…..
What I’m watching: ALF
What I drive: 2003 Chevy Express…… I swear my other car is a Lamborghini
First job: McDonald’s
Talent I’d most like to have: Play piano very well
Favorite food: Chicken wings from Magoos in Milwaukee
My bucket list: I’d like to be the inventor of something great!
My motto: God gave you 2 hands so you can have a drink in each!