Artist Profile – Tom LaBrosse

Tommy Labrosse

Artist: Tom LaBrosse
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Music Genre: Rock
Currently: In studio in Nashville, TN
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Tom is part of DoryDrive, a band that makes a cohesive return to the hey day of Rock n’ Roll combining a modern edge. DoryDrive is a restoring, energetic, sonic assault of driving guitars, bass and drums, with undeniable hooks and melody. In addition to LaBrosse, DoryDrive includes front man Mathieu Nevitt of the regional/national powerhouse Echovalve, Joey Zak, Nick Mendini and Henry Koller of the Midwest favorite Marashino.

If I wasn’t a musician, I’d be:  A roadie
Favorite musician:  Jimi Hendrix
What’s on my MP3 player:  Don’t have one
Favorite city to tour in:  Los Angeles
Favorite type of music growing up:  Classic Rock
My greatest love:  Captain and Coke
My hero:  Whoever keeps me from working a day job
What I’m reading:  Email
What I’m watching:  ALF
What I drive:  2003 Chevy Express…… I swear my other car is a Lamborghini
First job:  McDonald’s
Talent I’d most like to have:  Play piano very well
Favorite food:  Chicken wings from Magoos in Milwaukee
My bucket list:  I’d like to be the inventor of something great!
My motto:  God gave you 2 hands so you can have a drink in each!