Electric Guitar Features


Compact Headstock
The design is not only consistent with the line, but more importantly improves the guitar’s performance. The larger the headstock surface the more likely it is to resonate and rob the string of its power. Our reduced surface area helps eliminate that energy drain. Smaller size shortens the length of the string between the nut and tuning machine. Shorter string length creates greater string bearing pressure at the nut, thereby improving attack and sustain. The angled back headstock design increases string bearing pressure at the nut, improving performance. The shape of the headstock aligns the tuning machines so that the string travels in a straight pat through the nut, preventing the string from binding up in the nut when tuning. This is especially nice when using a vibrato. Finally, the smaller size reduces the weight of the neck, improving the playing comfort.
Graphite Nut
Using graphite material for the nut insures smooth tuning by eliminating the tendency of the string to bind in the nut while tuning. The dense graphite also improves the attack and sustain of an electric guitar.
Duncan Design™ Pickups
If there is one company that epitomizes the art of crafting pickups, it’s Seymour Duncan. The Duncan Design™ pickups combine years of testing, research, and artist relations to make an incredible sounding pickup. These wonderful pickups bring out the subtle nuance, character, and spirit in our new designs.
Arch Top Construction
Many players prefer the look of an arch top solid body, but are not aware of the performance benefits that the arch top offers. By adding extra mass under the bridge, in the center of the body, the instrument becomes more rigid and less likely to rob the string of energy. The result is greatly improved attack and sustain.
Flange Base Bridge
The bridge sits over the heart of the guitar and provides the platform for the strings. Most bridges sit on a thin threaded shaft that is screwed into the top of the guitar. Our flange base bridge utilizes a large flange base to create a much more stable platform for the bridge. The added stability reduces any tendency of the bridge to shift and compromise string performance.
Grover™ Tuners
To say that playing in tune is important would be the ultimate understatement. Gover™ machine heads have been the industry standard for half a century. A smooth high ratio sealed gear makes tuning far more accuate, as well as much faster.